Shani, Adi, and Roi
Shani, Adi, and RoiIDF Spokesperson

Adi, Shani, and Roi, the three children of the Almog family from Jerusalem, told Israel National News about their cooperative efforts, as part of the 55th Artillery Battalion "Dragon" exercise - the battalion which is currently practicing various combat scenarios in Israel's northern region.

Major Shani, the eldest sister in the family, began: "We all live in Jerusalem. I enlisted in the Communications Corps for battalion liaison officers, a course that combines both technology and warfare. I held two positions in the brigade, one in the 402nd battalion and one as a deputy commander in my company, and today I'm in the brigade serving as a brigade liaison officer ".

Lt. (res.) Adi, the younger of the two, explained her duties: "I enlisted to be an artillery soldier. Four months of training and another four of advanced training, and straight from there I went to the commanders' course and the officers' course. After that, I was assigned as a colonel in the operational company of the 402nd battalion, and my last position as an officer in regular service was sergeant for new trainees. Today, I am an active reservist in the 215th Brigade, and among other things, I am responsible for the construction of the battalions in the brigade's Operations Division."

Roi, the third brother in the family who took part in the exercise said: "I enlisted on November 21st in the 55th Battalion. After four months of training, I became a combat soldier in the battalion. I came straight to winter training, and then went to a commanders' course, at the end of which I was assigned as a commander in the training base. It turned out that when Adi finished her position in the training base as a deputy commander, I had just arrived at this position. After I finished there, I returned to Company A in the battalion and was assigned the position of a team commander, the job I do today."

The regimental exercise of the 55th "Dragon" battalion was divided into two main phases: the first - ground combat, and the second - movement towards the border, crossing the border, deploying the battalion deep in enemy terrain, and firing at targets deep in the enemy's territory. A drone unit, along with the three companies of the battalion, also participated in the training.

Shani explained about the meeting of the siblings during the exercise: "The three of us met in a 55th battalion exercise. Roi arrived after a significant training session when the entire battalion gathered together after operational employment. At the beginning of the training period, we carried out team, platoon, and company training, while in the last week, we carried out the regimental exercise, which Adi took part in, while Roi and I had already finished it."

Adi added: "I think that in the end, everyone wanted to contribute their part to the country. In the end, we all came out as combat soldiers and supported the IDF. It felt meaningful to us and it is also very satisfying. You learn a lot and feel that you are contributing to the country. I think there is clearly a strong connection to the fact that Shani enlisted in a significant service, to me who came after her, and to Roi who came after me. We all contributed and contribute to the security of the country."

Shani backed up her part and explained: "Before artillery, I was in the Armored Corps, and when Adi was debating where to go, I told her that artillery is the greatest iDF force and that's where strengths are expressed in the best way. The power that an artillery battalion has, whether it's in the artillery or whether it's in the quality of the people, is really something unusual".

Adi joined her sister and talked about the importance of the corps: "As a combat soldier and an officer, I can say that the army simply cannot do without an artillery corps. The strength and power of this corps is crazy. Until people get to the artillery they can not understand what it is. People want to enlist and be in the front line of fire, but at the end of the day, artillery is simply a force that cannot be done without."

"I had the option of enlisting in places like Golani, but in the end, I decided to enlist in the artillery. I was interested in this tool from which all the shells are launched. When you learn about it afterwards, you understand its power and that's why I also chose to go into command. It's only when you get to the corps and advance in it that you realize its importance on the battlefield and in its contribution to the war. Even if we are, so to speak, a bit of a 'black sheep' out there, I and everyone in the corps know how important and critical we are to the war," Roi explained.

Shani explained the family's motivation to do meaningful service: "I know that everyone gave their all to meaningful service. I think everything comes from the home. As soon as the home knows how to have a say in this matter, it happens. We have two other younger sisters, and we really are directing them so that they reach good army selection opportunities and can contribute as much as possible in significant ways, and of course in combat units."

Roi ended by saying: "As far as my friends are concerned, they don't always understand why I do what I do - I stay on base for Shabbat a lot and it is a bit of a grind. I try to instill my values in the military service. Even though before I enlisted, I wanted to do desk work and sort of just check off having served, I changed my mind and decided to do significant service. I feel great about it and it is a tremendous satisfaction to serve the country in this way."