A recent video posted by one of the most popular channels on YouTube contains a disturbing flash of anti-Israel sentiment.

The YouTube channel MrBeast is the second most subscribed channel on the entire platform and has become known for extreme stunts, massive charity giveaways, and large-scale competitions for huge cash prizes.

In a recent video, Jimmy Donaldson, the founder of the channel, brings one contestant from every country in the world to compete in a series of sporting events he calls the 'Beast Olympics'. The prize was to be an exaggeratedly large gold medal valued at a quarter of a million US dollars.

During an archery challenge, contestants are given the option of voting to handicap a single other contestant by moving the target 10 yards farther away for every vote. Several countries are shown voting against Israel, led by Mr. Indonesia, who tells the camera: "My country doesn't like Israel, low-key." Somalia and Iraq join in as well.

Although the comments take up only a few seconds, their presence in the professionally produced video indicates that they were left in the finished product intentionally.

Mr. Israel, for his part, joins several countries in voting against Indonesia - not for nationalistic reasons, but because he had been highly successful in previous events. Both Israel and Indonesia are eliminated in the archery challenge.

A map of the world used to track contestants displays Judea and Samaria as the country of Palestine, and a Palestinian contestant takes part in the competition.

The map similarly displays other controversial borders, including territories claimed by Russia and China that are not internationally recognized, and Kosovo and Somaliland as being independent countries - a claim likewise in dispute.

The competition ends in a soccer event, with Libya and Slovenia each taking a penalty kick against the other. Libya blocks Slovenia's kick, then scores to secure a victory.