aftermath of Maui fires
aftermath of Maui firesReuters

Paradise turned into devastation earlier this month when the beautiful Maui, Hawaii was ravaged by a wildfire, leaving the entire region in a state of chaos. Amongst the colossal columns of smoke, terrified families bravely jumped into the ocean with their children in their arms, barely escaping with their lives.

However, not all were so fortunate. Over 1,000 people are officially missing after the devastating wildfires in Hawaii, and the death toll has reached 114 so far.

Shelters have been set up where families and individuals slept on the floor, no possessions except a small backpack with essentials that few had to foresight to grab amidst the chaos.

For these families, nothing will ever be the same. Donations are being urgently collected by the Kol Yeshuot Foundation to help Jewish families in Hawaii who are now homeless and stranded. At this moment in time, relief is badly needed.