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Hezbollah and Lebanese flagsISTOCK

Four Arab citizens of Israel from Kfar Qasim and Lod were arrested on suspicion of receiving many high-quality Iranian-made weapons from the Hezbollah terrorist organization, it was cleared for publication today (Thursday).

Further arrests were made in a raid by Shin Bet, Border Police, and YAMAM agents on a residential complex in Lod. The detainees are suspected of plotting to use one of the explosives obtained by the first group for criminal purposes.

The Shin Bet investigation revealed that Hezbollah worked to recruit and operate a network of smugglers in Israel for the purpose of receiving unusual and illegal weapons and distributing them to various parties, including criminal elements.

Indictments were filed today against the four, Galal Harsa, 28, from Kfar Qasim, Ahmed Issa, 30, from Kfar Qasim, Muhammad Issa, 39, from Kfar Qasim, and Noh Aasem, 30, from Lod.

A senior Shin Bet official stated that the affair once again illustrates the efforts of terrorist elements from Hezbollah and Iran to exploit Arab citizens of Israel for security activities against the state. The investigation also revealed that the line between security threats and criminal elements is extremely thin.