Rina Shnerb
Rina ShnerbCourtesy of the family

The Shnerb family, who lost their daughter Rina in a terror attack near the Binyamin-region town of Dolev in 2019, reacted disbelievingly to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant's promise that the terrorists who murdered Batsheva Nigri would languish in prison.

"Four years and two weeks since our Rina's murder - and the murderers' trial only began a few months ago. It is supposed to take four (!) years. That is, they will finally be punished only eight years after the murder," the family stated.

"The murderers come to court with the latest style in haircuts, smiling, supported by their families who come and send kisses and encouragement - right in front of us."

The family alleged: "Their attorneys insult the courts, the state, and the family. Plea deals were made without notifying anyone, and many of the participants in the murder were simply sent home. This is not 'languishing in prison'. This is not punishment. This is not deterrence. This is to continue to spill the blood of the victims. This is to throw dust in the people of Israel's eyes, and this is to grant the terrorists strength. Literally."

The family turned to the Defense Minister and the government: "You are obligated to remove evil from the world. We, the Shnerb family, together with the people of Israel, do what we can to spread goodness in the world - Rina's goodness."