Bnei Brak
Bnei BrakYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The police announced that they will block central streets in the city of Bnei Brak tomorrow (Thursday) ahead of the 'women's march' demonstration in the city.

The demonstrators received police permission to march on side streets - but despite this, the police decided to close half of Rabbi Akiva Street - the main street in the city.

The police announcement caused an uproar and calls were heard in Bnei Brak to go out and block Highway 4 leading to the city to make it difficult for the protesters to reach Bnei Brak.

MK Uriel Buso (Shas), a candidate for mayor of Bnei Brak, sent a letter to Police Commissioner Ya'akov Shabtai and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir in which he demanded their intervention to prevent the blockage of the roads of Bnei Brak. "When everyone is busy preparing and shopping for the Holy Shabbat, the planned siege on the city of Bnei Brak and its main arteries of life will cause severe and unacceptable damage to the Shabbat preparations."

Buso wrote that he is considering issuing a petition on the issue. "I will ask urgently and without delay to reconsider the possibility of blocking the city's central roads and disrupting public transportation, which will seriously harm all residents and constitutes an irreparable injustice. It is unthinkable that every time someone wants to make a provocation, the police allow them to take tens of thousands of people hostage."

Media pundit Avi Greenzeig wondered: "Just trying to understand the concept, citizens who want to troll an entire city with bad timing, on a Thursday evening, get a free hand from the police to block whatever they want? Because I really feel like blocking Tel Aviv next week and maybe Herzliya in two weeks. Just how far can this go?"

Radio broadcaster Moshe Glasner attacked: "The police announcement about blocking half of the main street of Bnei Brak, on Thursday afternoon - the busiest time of the week, and all this to enable the demonstration of hatred by the women who want to stage a provocation in the heart of Bnei Brak, is insane, and the police are spitting in the face of the haredi community."

Shas spokesman Itzik Sodri wrote: "The police have approved chaos and will get chaos. In response to the blocking of the central thoroughfares in Bnei Brak tomorrow, Thursday afternoon, while the residents of the city are going out en masse to make their arrangements in honor of Shabbat, and all this because some anarchists have decided to disrupt the public order, tomorrow, the residents of Bnei Brak will block Highway 4 (into Bnei Brak) at 6 pm. An eye for an eye, a block for a block."