Galilee Medical Center
Galilee Medical CenterRoni Albert

A 50-year-old man from the western Galilee region was hospitalized at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya after he contracted an illness in Africa that is caused by bacteria that are found in polluted dirt and water.

The patient arrived at the hospital at the beginning of the week suffering from a high fever and a dry cough.

As the doctors examined him, he told them that he works in Nigeria, where local doctors diagnosed him with malaria and prescribed him the appropriate medication for it.

According to him, his condition began to improve at first, but it later got worse, and upon his arrival, he traveled to the hospital.

During his examination, the doctors found that the patient was suffering from an infectious disease known as Melioidosis, which is caused by bacteria common in tropical areas, particularly in southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands.

During the examination, it was found that the bacteria caused pneumonia and sepsis, a condition that can prove to be life-threatening.

Following the examination, the patient was transferred to isolation in the internal medicine department, where he is receiving the appropriate medication.

Dr. Yael Ziv, the director of the infectious diseases department, stated: "Since this is a life-threatening illness, it was important to quickly diagnose the patient and to modify an appropriate drug treatment."