Protest in Ramat Arbel
Protest in Ramat ArbelPress Release

Residents of the town of Ramat Arbel in the Lower Galilee region are concerned about information they have received regarding a possible eviction.

On Wednesday night, hundreds of people made their way to the town to try and prevent the rumored eviction.

The families of Ramat Arbel said: "We call on the ministers of the government: Do not allow this humiliation. Do not support the eviction of Ramat Arbel. While we are fighting for Ramat Arbel, the illegally built Arab homes in the area that are taking over the entire Galilee stand without fear of eviction. We call on all the people of Israel to come to the Galilee and strengthen Ramat Arbel."

A year ago, forces removed two of four caravans slated to be the start of the town of Mount Arbel. The land was allegedly claimed by both local Bedouin and the Jewish National Fund. However, about a month ago, the decision was made by the government to approve the Galilee town in cooperation with the Nachala settlement movement. Two weeks before that, a celebratory event was held for ministers with the attendance of Knesset members from all factions of the coalition and thousands of other supporters.