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Four people were shot dead this evening (Tuesday) in the Israeli Arab town of Abu Snan in the Galilee in the latest incidence of violence within the Israeli Arab community. One of the victims was identified as a former Border Police officer.

A second victim was identified as Ghazi Sa’ab, a candidate for mayor in the community's upcoming municipal elections.

Magen David Adom (MDA) forces arrived on the scene and performed CPR on the victims, but they could not be revived and were declared dead.

The mass shooting in Abu Snan follows the murder yesterday of Abed Rahman Kashua, the director-general of the Israeli Arab municipality of Tira. Kashua was critically wounded in a shooting and taken to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, where he was pronounced dead.

In addition to Kashua, a member of the city council and a prominent sheikh were also wounded in yesterday's shooting. MDA forces evacuated them to Meir Hospital.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated today that the murder of the director-general of the Tira municipality "crosses a red line" and pledged to have the Shin Bet involved in the investigation of the incident.

"These murders, the criminal organizations, the protection, taking over municipalities, is something we cannot allow. We will use all means - including the Shin Bet, including the police, all means, to defeat this crime," Netanyahu said.

"We eliminated organized crime in Jewish society in Israel, we will eliminate organized crime in Arab society in Israel. All citizens of Israel must live in security and not under the shadow of the threat of internal terrorism."

President Isaac Herzog added: “Today, every citizen of the Arab community in Israel lives in terrible fear, heavy grief, and deep anxiety. Each of those murdered is a complete world to their family and loved ones."

“This is an emergency that requires decisive measures by the state to eradicate crime and violence and prevent the further loss of life,” Herzog added.

162 Arab citizens of Israel have been killed due to criminal violence so far this year, about three times the death toll over the same period in 2022.