Scene of the attack in Huwara
Scene of the attack in HuwaraFlash 90

MK Limor Son Har-Melech (Otzma Yehudit) claimed on Sunday that the defense establishment and the media are at fault for the Saturday terror attack in Huwara, which claimed the lives of a father and his son because they played down the terror there and, instead, concentrated on fears of a response by Israelis after murders took place.

"The ones that are at fault are the defense establishment and the press who misled the public," Son Har-Melech claimed in an interview on Galei Israel radio. "I was interviewed by other stations, and they attacked me for coming out and saying that Huwara is a village of murderers," she said.

According to her, "My job is to warn the people of Israel and to tell them the true story of this area. The defense establishment has a real problem, the murder on Saturday is a result of this intentional misguidance."

Earlier on Sunday, the MK called out IDF Central Command Commander Yehuda Fox in an interview with Radio Tzafon following Saturday's attack.

"They don't know how to differentiate between us and our enemies. The forces came to protect the residents of Huwara - what a skewed reality. The commander of the Central Command makes our lives miserable. He abandons us, and they shut us up," she stated.

"He pushes a pro-Arab policy that harms Jews and 'settlers\. I don't know if my children will come home alive. This is a reckless policy, and I won't let it continue quietly," Son Har-Melech added.

"What I can do now is shout and tell the people of Israel. The first step in dealing with a problem is awareness. When we understand what creates this, we will come with a demand from the Defense Minister. The law of Jenin is the law of Huwara - they have to go in and take away all the weapons. Prevention and deterrence," she concluded.