The collapsed aqueduct
The collapsed aqueductAntiquities Authority

The ancient aqueduct on a beach in Caesarea collapsed overnight (Thursday).

Inspectors from the Antiquities Authority arrived at the site this morning, and on Sunday, a team from the Antiquities Authority's Preservation Administration will arrive to assess the damage. The section of the aqueduct that collapsed tonight is an addition that was built in the days of Emperor Hadrian about 1870 years ago.

The upper aqueduct of Caesarea is a unique and impressive find in its size, quality, and complexity of construction. The aqueduct is built on top of arches, on which a canal was laid that led the water from springs in the south of Carmel to the city of Caesarea.

The aqueducts provided drinking water to the city, which was a regional capital from the 1st century AD to the 7th century AD. The construction of the aqueducts reflects the changes that took place in the dimensions of the city of Caesarea and in the need for water supply to it and to its neighboring areas.

"Luckily, no bathers were killed here," says Eli Escozido, director of the Antiquities Authority. "We are warning, we have presented documents and plans, we have pointed out that the situation is catastrophic and that there is a real fear of collapse, we have repeatedly met with the owners of the land, we have even offered to finance some of the work with the understanding that it is simply a disaster waiting to happen. I believe that now we are already listening," says Escozido.

"We at the Antiquities Authority find it appropriate to report to the public on this occasion that the aqueduct to Acre, which is about 15 km long, is in an even more acutely unstable state and is facing collapse," says Ami Shahar, Director of the Antiquities Authority's Preservation Administration.

The Antiquities Authority calls on the Regional Council and the Caesarea Lake Development Company for urgent funding to restore the aqueduct and stabilize the remaining remains of the aqueduct, which are in danger.