Moshe Klugeft
Moshe KlugeftNaama Stern

In a column for Makor Rishon, former strategic advisor to the Netanyahu campaign as well as Naftali Bennett's campaign manager, Moshe Klugeft explained why a unity government is needed and called on Opposition Leader, Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz to announce they are joining one.

"There are many ways to define periods in the life of a country, but what has been happening in Israel in recent years can be described in three words: State undergoing COVID-19," Klugeft wrote. "I am not talking about phenomena such as shortness of breath and fatigue or damage to the sense of smell and taste, although if Israel were a human being, it would be possible to diagnose these phenomena easily," he added.

"I'm talking about mental phenomena, which we tend not to pay too much attention to. The State of Israel is becoming sick before our very eyes. The COVID epidemic brought with it one clear and immediate danger: Short-term thinking. We began to pay the price of this thinking over the past two-plus-years," he noted .

"The diagnosis is clear, now for the prognosis:" he continued. "Israel's immune system cannot afford one more day of a narrow government, neither from the left or right," claimed Klugeft.

According to him, "We saw this in the last two governments, which brought with them blood, fire and smoke, even in practice during (daily protests). What is amazing is that the last two governments - that of Bennett-Lapid and Netanyahu's coalition with the haredi parties - did not make any unusual moves. The story here is different : The very existence of narrow governments is the problem."

At the end, Klugeft points out: "If Lapid and Gantz have a trace of national responsibility left, they will stand up and openly announce that they are ready to enter a national emergency government - a broad central government. If Netanyahu has any sense of responsibility left for a country undergoing the judicial reform crisis - he will come out and say that he would be happy to include them in such a government."