New olim welcomed in Yakir
New olim welcomed in YakirSamaria Council spokesperson

Eleven families have recently Aliyah from France to the hills of Samaria. So far, 120 families have participated in the Aloyah project of the Samaria Regional Council.

The new immigrants were brought to a housing complex prepared especially for them in Yakir, where they were greeted by Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan, Rabbi Aharon Cohen, the rabbi of the community, and community leader Elhanan Sabati, who affixed the immigrants' mezuzahs to their doorposts.

Yossi Dagan welcomed the new immigrants and said: "The number of families wishing to immigrate to Samaria is constantly increasing and we are ready to receive them. We are preparing the ground to receive hundreds of thousands of immigrants from France and to make Samaria a home for French immigrants. These immigrants will become part of the mainstay of Samaria, they will forget that they were immigrants and will absorb the next immigrants who follow them. As far as we are concerned, they are already part of the Samaria family of pioneers."

Rabbi Aharon Cohen added: "These days, residents of Yakir, we were privileged to take in immigrant families from France. The entire settlement shares in their reception out of a sense of immense importance and the feeling that we get to witness the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies."

Elhanan Sabati concluded: "The residents of the settlement have prepared the ground with great love, I'm sure you will be successfully absorbed and will become part of the wonderful Yakir community."