Mike Pence kicks off presidential campaign in Iowa
Mike Pence kicks off presidential campaign in IowaREUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Former US Vice President Mike Pence, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, condemned former President Donald Trump on Wednesday in the wake of his fourth indictment.

Speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Legislative Summit in Indianapolis and quoted by NBC News, Pence said, “I’ve said many times I had hoped that judgment about those days would be left to the American people and to history. Such is not the case.”

The former Vice President added he believes “it’s important that we hew to the first principles and that we tell the truth to the American people,” which is: “No one is above the law.”

He then stressed that although Trump “and all those implicated are entitled to the presumption of innocence that every American enjoy,” there was no election fraud in the battleground state and that he did not have the authority to overturn the results.

“Despite what the former president and his allies have said for now more than two and a half years, and continue to insist to this very hour, the Georgia election was not stolen and I had no right to overturn the election on January 6,” stated Pence. “It’s a hard truth.”

Pence's remarks came after Trump and several of his top allies, including his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, were indicted on felony charges in connection with efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.

The Fulton County grand jury indictment followed a two-year investigation ignited by a January 2021 phone call in which Trump was heard asking Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to help him “find 11,780 votes” needed to reverse his narrow loss to Joe Biden.

Pence has long been critical of Trump’s conduct in the days leading up to the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021. He has said in the past that Trump’s words on Jan. 6 were “reckless,” and that the former President continues to be wrong in his assertions about the 2020 election.

While he has called out Trump for his actions leading up to the Capitol attack, Pence has also said he’s not convinced that the former President’s actions were crimes.