Ben-Gvir visits Ofer Prison
Ben-Gvir visits Ofer Prisonspokesperson

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir arrived today (Wednesday) along with senior officials from his office for a tour of the Ofer prison led by Israel Prison Service (IPS) chief Katy Perry and deputy chief commissioner Moni Bitan, and other senior IPS officials.

During the visit, he received an overview of the prison, and toured the various wings of the prison, where terrorists from Hamas, Fatah, the PFLP, and Islamic Jihad are imprisoned. In addition, the minister met for a conversation with the wardens serving at the prison.

Minister Ben-Gvir said after the visit: "During the tour I conducted at Ofer prison, I received an overview from the commissioner and the commanders, as well as talked with the guards and the command staff about the things that need improvement."

"As part of the huge NIS 9 billion budget addition that I brought to the Ministry of National Security, the IPS s a large part of the budget and I'm happy about that. The policy that I lead as the minister in charge of the IPS e is known to everyone and I'm glad that it has started to be implemented - to reduce as much as possible the pampering Hamas terrorists and to end the summer camp that existed in the prison wings in the past. During the tour, I made this clear again to the commanders in the field.

"I will continue to conduct tours of the prisons and closely monitor that the policy is actually being carried out, blessing and strengthening the prison guards who do holy work every day in an intensive and important activity for the security of the State of Israel," Ben-Gvir concluded.

IPS chief Katy Perry said: "Since I took office, my policy is clear - when it comes to security prisoners, the IPS prison guards act and will act with determination. The sovereign force in the prisons is the IPS, we will not quietly allow disturbances to pass, and threats will not rule over our agenda. We are the only professional and experienced organization in Israel for holding security prisoners and our responsibility when it comes to thwarting terrorist incidents from within the prisons is reflected the same in our routine and during emergencies."

"IPS guards in general and those who serve in the security prisons, in particular, perform an important job like no one else to maintain the security of the country and its residents. The well-being of the staff and their personal safety is always at the top of my agenda and that of the staff of commanders and I invest many resources in order to empower and professionalize them."