Miri Regev at the launch of Tel Aviv's light rail train
Miri Regev at the launch of Tel Aviv's light rail trainGideon Markowitz'/TPS

Dozens of protesters arrived Wednesday morning to demonstrate against Transportation Minister Miri Regev (Likud) on Jerusalem Boulevard in Tel Aviv, opposite the station for the city's new light rail train.

The light rail made its first journey on Wednesday, traveling from Ehrlich Station to Allenby Station.

The protesters demonstrated against the government's decision not to operate Tel Aviv's light rail on Shabbat (the Sabbath).

Jewish law does not permit transportation on Shabbat, other than for the purpose of saving a life.

Just before she boarded the light rail train, Regev said, "Prior to operating the train on Friday, we will receive a status update on its situation from the director general of NTA (Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. - ed.). We will ask about any discrepancies which remain - if any remain - ahead of Gush Dan residents' big day."

Tel Aviv is located in the Gush Dan region of Israel.

The light rail train in Tel Aviv is expected to be operational on August 18.