The pit in Deir al-Asad that claimed the lives of two firefighters
The pit in Deir al-Asad that claimed the lives of two firefightersDavid Cohen/Flash90

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir appealed to the Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant with a request to approve the burial of firefighters of the Fire and Rescue Authority who were killed in the course of their work in military cemeteries.

This is not the first time that Ben-Gvir has made such a request of the Minister of Defense. Last time he did not receive a response.

In his letter, Minister Ben-Gvir mentioned the death of the firefighters in the incident in Deir al-Asad this week: "The last incident in Deir al-Asad, in which two heroic firefighters, Dekel Marciano and the late Adanan Asad sacrificed their lives in order to rescue the late Samad Elaramin, and to my great regret died in the attempt, reinforces what was said in my previous letter, and obliges you to take action as soon as possible."

"That's why I'm turning to you again and asking to speed up the matter, in order to act to recognize the heroism of the firefighters, and to give them and their families the final honor of being buried in the military cemeteries," Ben-Gvir concluded.