Minister Eli Cohen and Paraguay President Santiago Peña
Minister Eli Cohen and Paraguay President Santiago PeñaForeign Ministry spokesperson

Fifth Embassy in Jerusalem. The President of Paraguay will inaugurate his country's embassy in the Israeli capital in the coming months.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met with President Santiago Peña on Tuesday, just a few hours after Peña took office, and the two agreed on the move.

Israel will reopen its embassy in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.

Cohen invited the President to come to Israel for the inauguration of the embassy in Jerusalem, and the President replied that he intends to come and participate in the ceremony.

"We continue to strengthen the international status of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel. I invited the President of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, to come this year for a presidential visit to Israel, and to inaugurate the Paraguayan embassy in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel," said Cohen.

"The opening of the Paraguayan embassy in Jerusalem, and the Israeli embassy in Asunción, will strengthen Israel's regional and international position and the important ties between the countries. We will continue and strengthen the important historical connection with the countries of Latin America, which stood by the State of Israel and the Jewish people," Cohen added.

In recent years, several countries have mulled the idea of following in the steps of the US and relocating their diplomatic missions to Jerusalem.

Last year, Suriname’s Foreign Minister, Albert Ramchand Ramdin, announced that the South American country would open an embassy in Israel’s capital city. However, the move was later reversed due to budgetary reasons.

In February, Papua New Guinea’s Foreign Minister Justin Tkachenko informed Cohen of his country’s intention to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

In March it was reported that Hungary would relocate its embassy to Jerusalem. Hungarian President Katalin Novak later said that no decision had yet been made on the issue.

Cohen said in May that he is "optimistic" that three more embassies would open in Jerusalem.