The loophole demonstrated
The loophole demonstratedIsrael National News TikTok

A new loophole on the website of the Ministry of Transportation allows tracking of those who hold a driver's license by entering only their ID number.

This is a serious violation of privacy for yeshiva students in those haredi yeshivas where students are prohibited from obtaining a driver's license. The supervisory staff in those educational institutions makes it a practice to check the Transport Ministry wesite to see if a student has a driver's license, and expels them if it is found that they do.

Last month Israel National News reported that the Ministry of Transport had blocked the well-known loophole, but a few days later it was revealed on the Israeli National News TikTok page that there is a new and easier loophole in which it is necessary to enter only an identity number and not also a date of birth as was required in the loophole that was blocked.

The Ministry of Transportation stated: "The Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety transferred the license duplication service to the government's personal area, which is strictly secured, in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, in order to prevent abuse of the interface."

"This service makes it possible to issue a duplicate license (copy) of a driver's license, in the event that the driver's license is lost, stolen, damaged, or in the event of a name change on the identity card, a grade update on the driver's license, or an address update."

"At the same time, another security component was added to the office's website, with the aim of preventing any possibility of entering the database while impersonating the licensee."

The office also added: "It should be noted that new services that the office introduced in the last year only beome availale when identity has been firmly established, such as the service of transferring ownership and the service of generating a driver's license in PDF, which are already available in the personal area."