Elisha Yered
Elisha YeredYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Elisha Yered, who was arrested on suspicion of involvement in an incident in the village of Burka in which a Palestinian Arab was killed, spoke today (Tuesday) for the first time about his experience in the interrogation room.

"I will summarize the delusional saga that has passed over us in the last two weeks, but it seems to me that one of the investigators who tried to extract a fabricated confession from me at any cost accurately summarized in one of his absurd questions the madness that gripped the system," Yered wrote.

He added, "It happened in one of the investigations after I said that we were one step away from being murdered in the incident and it was a matter of clear self-defense, the investigator contradicted me: 'If you knew that the incident was going to escalate and become so dangerous and you understood from your words that they came to attack and maybe even worse, why did you take a gun with you to the place?' Yes, just like that, according to the investigators of Israel's security services, if you are a Jew you must be slaughtered quietly and accept your fate. Dare to defend yourself and you will be thrown quickly into the dungeons for investigations. Police will drop everything to try and have you declared a murderer."

According to him, "The campaign is far from over, but right now it is important for me to thank the Creator first and foremost for the chain of miracles that accompanied us throughout the detention and to all the many citizens of Israel who pushed for or release, and to the thousands of people who supported, demonstrated, fought and prayed for us to be freed. Jews, don't despair, the road is still long and full of obstacles, but we will still win with God's help."