Yehiel Indor
Yehiel IndorChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Jerusalem District Court Judge Alexander Ron rejected a police appeal today (Tuesday) and decided to uphold the ruling of the Magistrate's Court to release Yehiel Indor to house arrest.

Among other things, the court ruled that Indor would be prohibited from using his cell phone. The police representative said during the hearing that, "the respondent was interrogated yesterday and chose to maintain his silence. He refused to perform a reconstruction of the incident after consulting with his lawyer, claiming that this is due to his medical condition."

"I refer the court to yesterday's decision regarding the initial completion of the investigation under protected conditions, 'even if it burdens the suspect,'" added the representative.

Attorney Hajbi of Honenu asked the investigating unit at the hearing: "Was the deceased (Arab rioter) alive or dead when he got into the Palestinian Arab's car" The police representative replied: "I have no indication about that. He was not examined posthumously in the field."

Indor's lawyers insisted that 12 days of investigation had passed in which their client cooperated fully with investigators, yet the police's conduct toward their client remained the same as it was at the outset of the investigation.

The police representative noted that according to the PA pathologist, the shooting was carried out from several meters away but that no bullet was found that could be connected to Indor's personal weapon.

During the hearing, it also became clear that the pathological report on the death of the Arab killed at the scene did not include results from an autopsy.

He added that they have no documentation of the event from beginning to end. He also said that a number of stones were taken from the scene in order to perform a DNA test and find out the identity of the attackers.

Earlier in the day, Israel Police filed an appeal with the Jerusalem District Court, requesting to reverse the Magistrates Court's decision to release Indor to house arrest.

Indor was severely injured by an Arab mob earlier this month, and was only released from the hospital on Sunday.

The hearing on his case took place in the District Court at 2:00 pm.

During the Magistrates Court hearing on Tuesday, the police representative noted that Indor is suspected of manslaughter, not murder.