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It all went so fast… At the beginning of my ninth month, I stood near the Shabbat candles with tears streaming down my face. Soon an adorable baby girl would be born,and light up our home.

Our first child. We'd be parents!

"Vetzivanu lehadlik ner shel Shabbat" "Vetiten lanu …chaim tovim va'arukim, grant us a good, long life."

I felt her kicking; I knew she was praying along with me.

"Ana… please, hear my plea in the merit of Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah," I
wept emotionally.

By the following Shabbat, I was already the mother of a sweet baby—Yehudit. A Jew must spend his entire life thanking G-d, I mused—but failed to understand the deeper meaning.

And then everything went haywire. The doctors were so preoccupied with her that they had no time to speak with me. She was just 4 days old when the doctors told me they were taking her "to be checked out." I had no idea what that meant—but when a number of tense hours passed without my seeing her, and then all night, I understood that there had to be a good reason…

The next day, the doctors threw all sorts of terms I'd never heard of before at me. I didn't know what they wanted, what all this had to with our Diti. From that point on, we haven't had a normal day or night. Our Diti is suffering from a brain tumor.

Our world seemed to be shattering, our family collapsing.

Our Diti is sick. Our Diti is sick. This little Diti is sick. It sounded too crazy to be true. But the reality of medication in the ICU unit is all too real.

I sit at her side in this terrible ward and sing her lullabies… pleasant melodies. And she? Does she hear me? Will she survive this?

Will she s-u-r-v-i-v-e this????

It's so cruel to her tiny body… She's such a poor, helpless little thing… She was only just born and she already has to suffer so much? The doctors say there's a treatment they believe will save her life.

But the treatment costs $120,000.

Until now, we managed on our own. We can't swing $120,000. But does that mean we'll allow Diti to die? G-d forbid!
I'll do everything in my power to save her life! My Diti. My heart. I turn to you with a heartfelt request: Please take part in this incredible initiative to save my baby. She will live! She will survive! She'll grow up
like everyone else!

Please!! Please!! Please!!

Give Diti this chance for a normal life. And give me the chance to light the Shabbat candles amidst great joy, with her at my side…

Ana Kel rachum, shema techinati…Please, Merciful G-d, hear my prayer.