Partial demolition of the house, 3 months ago.
Partial demolition of the house, 3 months ago.IDF.

A security prisoner got married Monday at the home of the terrorist Moataz al-Khawaja in Ni'lin, a house that IDF forces partially destroyed three months ago.

Moataz al-Khawaja murdered Or Eshkar in a shooting attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv last March.

A video of the celebration in a terrorist's house where only the walls were destroyed was distributed on Arab networks alongside the caption: "The house of Moataz al-Khawaja, which was destroyed by the occupation, is hosting a wedding."

Or's wife responded to the documentary: "How ridiculous, the timing is the night before Or's birthday. Even so, the last two days are so difficult leading up to tomorrow. My heart is sad. To start rebelling and screaming and dealing with it only makes me worse. I will concentrate on Or's birthday."

The terrorist al-Khawaja, an illegal resident, affiliated with Hamas, arrived on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv after 20:30 in the evening, and opened fire on the revelers near the restaurant.

Eshkar was mortally wounded and died 11 days later in the Ichilov Hospital. His friends, Rotem Mansano and Michal Usdon were seriously and lightly injured, respectively. The terrorist was eliminated by a police volunteer.

The Supreme Court's decision on the demolition of the terrorist's house states: "The father of the terrorist is a Hamas activist who praised the attack who 'expressed clear support for his son's actions and terrorism in general.'"