Arrest of the illegal hunter
Arrest of the illegal hunterCivil Administration

The Nature and Parks Authority, Civil Administration, and security forces arrested a Palestinian Authority Arab suspected of illegally hunting wild animals in the Binyamin region on Monday night.

The suspect, who lives in Silwad, raised several deer in his house illegally and harms wild animals. During the activity, the suspect was arrested and handed over for further police investigation.

During the arrest, two young deer, protected wild animals that are in danger of extinction, were found in the suspect's house.

The deer that were caught in the suspect's house, were taken for appropriate veterinary treatment, with the help of which the deer will be able to rehabilitate and return to their home in the wild.

The activity carried out Monday night is part of the work of the Nature and Parks Authority unit in the Civil Administration, together with all the relevant bodies for the preservation of the flora and fauna in the Judea and Samaria region and the maintenance of law and public order in the region.

Menachem Fried, an officer at the headquarters of the Nature and Parks Authority in the Civil Administration, said: "I welcome the arrest of the suspect and thank all those involved in the matter, thanks to whom the wild animals were saved. They are protected natural resources and need security against the phenomenon of hunting and trade in wild animals and any harm to them."