Dekel Marciano
Dekel MarcianoCourtesy of the family

At the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, firefighter Dekel Marciano was pronounced dead, after being injured during an attempt to rescue a young man from a pit in Deir al-Asad.

Marciano, 33 years old from Ma'alot Tarshiha, is survived by a wife and three children, the youngest of whom is only a month old.

He served in the fire brigade since 2014 and in recent years worked at the central Galilee Regional Fire Station in the North District Special Rescue Unit.

On Monday his friend Adanan Asad, who was also killed in the disaster, was laid to rest.

Marciano was brought to the hospital during CPR and in critical condition, with immediate danger to his life. In the trauma room, his pulse was restored and he was hospitalized, while breathing, in the general intensive care unit.

The director of the department, Dr. Uriel Tartemberg said: "The firefighter suffered a multi-system injury, which included respiratory injury, damage to blood vessels and kidneys, and suspected brain damage."

"Due to his kidney condition, he was connected to a dialysis machine during the last night, but unfortunately, this did not help and his blood pressure began to drop gradually. Early in the morning, in his last hours, his family was called to his bed and his condition was explained. His death was around 07:00."

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir said that "with a broken and painful heart I received the news this morning of the death of the other firefighter - the late Dekel Yehuda Marciano who with great bravery sacrificed his life, together with his friend Adanan Assad, during an operation to save a man who fell into a pit. My condolences and a warm embrace to his family in their difficult moments."

On Monday night, hundreds of family members, commanders, firefighters, friends and residents of Beit Jan accompanied Sergeant Adanan Asad on his last journey to burial after he fell in the line of duty in the pit disaster in Deir al-Asad.

The funeral ceremony was attended by Israel Fire and Rescue Commissioner Eyal Caspi, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of National Security Eliezer Rosenbaum, head of the Beit Jan Radi Najem Council, heads of councils and dignitaries of the Druze community, commander of the northern district Yair Elkayam and the senior fire and rescue command staff.

The funeral was held according to the custom of the Druze community in combination with a state ceremony during which a religious prayer was offered and after which his family members, his commanders and the head of the Beit Jan council paid tribute.

At the end of the obituaries, Adanan's coffin was carried by six sergeant-ranked firefighters who placed it on top of a fire truck with a crane on which were placed wreaths from the Ministry of National Security, a wreath from the Fire and Rescue Commission, a wreath from the Northern District and a wreath from the central Galilee station.

The funeral procession, including fire trucks and thousands of attendants, left the People's House on Adanan's last journey to the Beit Jan cemetery, where a private ceremony was held with the participation of the family and representatives of the Israel Fire and Rescue Service.

His brother, attorney Yusef Asad, gave an eulogy: "We are in pain. This is a serious loss for the family and the fire department."

Fire and Rescue Commissioner Eyal Caspi commented: "Adanan was a vigorous firefighter, motivated to carry out his duty, values, an outstanding athlete, an initiator, the coordinator of the fire scouts at the station. The salt of the earth, one of the best of our fighters. We will study the incident and its circumstances. We will continue to invest in learning in order to be good, faster and more determined in the next call."

Caspi added: "Adanan's legacy is forever etched in the annals of the fire brigade. His memory will accompany us and we will enlighten the future generations of the brigade with his example. Your dedication to the mission is a sign and an example and deserves all recognition and commemoration. The entire fire department says goodbye in pain, mourns and salutes you."

The commander of the North District, Yair Elkayim, stated that Adanan "is an example and a role model for warriors, brave and fearless, who raises his head and strives to engage in every event. We will miss Adanan every moment, we pledge to preserve his legacy and perpetuate his memory forever."