Aryeh Deri
Aryeh DeriYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Aryeh Deri, chairman of the Sephardic-haredi Shas party, has criticized the Ashkenazic-haredi United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party for its handling of the Draft Law issue, Kan Reshet Bet reported.

"They speak unnecessary words, which are liable to harm the approval of the law," Deri said, referring to UTJ MKs who declared that there would be no compromises on the Draft Law.

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to delay the Draft Law's promotion, telling the leaders of the haredi parties that without a compromise on the language of the bill, it will be very difficult to pass it at the beginning of the Knesset's winter session.

A source in UTJ has said that, "Together with the Draft Law, we must anchor Basic Law: Torah Study or the Override Clause." Without this, he said, "We will not vote on another section of the judicial reform."

"The rabbis will not allow the MKs to be in a situation in which the law is passed and then overturned by the Supreme Court," he added.

The source also said it is very likely that even if the professional staff handling the negotiations says that the Draft Law will not require any anchoring and will not be threatened by legal means, the haredi parties will not accept that opinion.