NetanyahuOmer Miron - GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented this afternoon (Monday) on Fitch Rating's affirmation of Israel's A+ credit rating.

"A short time ago, we received very good news. Fitch Ratings has kept Israel's credit rating at A+. This is a very high rating. This confirms what I have been saying for a long time: We have a strong economy. Whoever invests in Israel, profits. Whoever pulls out of Israel, loses. People understand this," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu added: "I would like to add one more truth: We not only have a strong economy but a strong military as well. Our enemies should make no mistake – we will see to it that our military remains very strong."

In its report Monday, Fitch stated that Israel's continue A+ credit rating “balances a diversified, resilient and high value-added economy and strong external finances against a relatively high government debt/GDP ratio, ongoing security risks and a record of unstable governments that has hindered policymaking."

However, the company added that "proposed reforms could weaken Israel's ranking compared with peers." The site also noted "a decline in Israel's institutional strength as a result of reforms weakening judicial oversight" as something that may lead "to a significant negative impact on macroeconomic and fiscal indicators or resulting in a fall in WBGI for Israel."