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A course scheduled for the upcoming fall semester at Princeton University will include reading material alleging the Israeli military deliberately attempts to cripple Palestinian Arabs for profit, the New York Post reported.

The reading list in the course titled "The Healing Humanities: Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South," which, according to the university's website, "introduces the transdisciplinary field of trauma studies by examining visions of humanity from the Global South that prioritize alternative narratives and paradigms of healing individual and collective trauma," includes several books, including “The Right to Maim,” by Rutgers University professor Jasbir K. Puar.

“Debilitation is extremely profitable economically and ideologically for Israel’s settler colonial regime,” Puar writes, adding that Israel’s efforts to avoid the loss of innocent life during conflicts with Palestinian-Arab terrorists are actually a shrewdly contrived scheme to strengthen its "stranglehold" over Judea and Samaria.

“Perhaps differing from earlier colonial and occupation regimes where deprivation was distributed in order to maim yet keep labor alive,” another passage reads. “There is less need for Palestinian labor, for Palestinian production. Rather, profit is derived from the dismemberment of reproduction, a function of capitalism without labor. … This inhuman biopolitics flourishes through and beside human populations — economic life growing without human life.”

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder condemned the course and called the university to cancel it and fire the professor teaching it. "Princeton University is not only sanctioning hate speech but establishing fertile ground for a new generation of antisemitic thought leaders. I am calling on Princeton University to cancel the course in question immediately, fire its professor, Satyel Larson, and issue a public apology to its students, the global Israeli community, and Jews all over the world," Lauder wrote.

Princeton University did not respond to a request for comment.