The scene in Deir al-Assad
The scene in Deir al-AssadMDA spokesperson

Two firefighters in their 30s who attempted to rescue a civilian, approximately 20 years old, who fell into a hole in a backyard in Deir al-Assad in northern Israel fell in after him.

The firefighters and the civilians were rescued within a short time and were taken to Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya in critical condition while CPR was being performed on them.

One of the firefighters was pronounced dead at the hospital.

MDA paramedic Edi Zugut related: "It would appear that the young man climbed into the cistern and lost consciousness. Two additional men who descended into the hole to assist and rescue him lost consciousness as well. After rescuing the two men, they were treated and underwent CPR and were taken in critical condition by an intensive care ambulance to the hospital."

One of the firefighters and the civilian were pronounced dead at the hospital. The second firefighter is in critical condition in the ICU.