Arutz Sheva - Israel National News spoke to pro-Israel activist and historian Dr. Shmuel Katz from his Florida home.

"The current unrest was planned three years ago - long before the current legislation got underway," says Katz. "I saw former Prime Minister Ehud Barak telling members of the (anti-Israel group) 555 to undermine Israeli society. He's well-financed and has a serious project of building resistance to the Israeli government," continues Katz.

"I think this legislation is just an excuse to bring through this well-planned move to and am very concerned by (Barak) and others who do not understand the consequences of their actions," he points out.

"Both the Right and Left in Israel wanted to make changes to the Supreme Court because Israel is the only democracy where there is practically a dictatorship and you have 15 self-appointed judges overturning practically any decision the government decides to make," explains Katz.