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Dr. Bahira Abdel Salam, a Muslim and social activist who ran for mayor of Toronto, continues to lead, along with other activists, the growing protest across Canada against the Trudeau Liberal government's LGBT policy.

On September 20, 2023, a mass protest "The Million March for the Children" is planned. In a tweet, Abdel Salam wrote: "Lets save our innocent children from #grooming and pedophiles infiltrating our public schools. Our most valuable assets of any nations. All of us will be held accountable on different levels except of those who speak up or take action."

According to her, "People who believe in the ideology that 'men can conceive', that 'women can become men' and that 'your soul resides in the wrong body' must not be allowed to be enrolled in public schools."

Abd al-Salam pointed out that this kind of perception shows "the traces of the devil that lead mankind to deviate from the path."

Abdel Salam also wrote that "All universities, colleges, schools and non-profit institutions should cancel the gender program. Research should be focused on issues that serve humanity. Millions of dollars are being invested in creating a disaster for political gain to create an authoritarian regime that is using vulnerable people".