Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest
Raoul Wallenberg in BudapestCourtesy The Holocaust International Project

From the Office of Mr. David Herman, a British-Israelí writer, composer, musician, poet and novelist, and Intelligence Service Agen, who has requested to share with you the following transcript from 1987 to celebrate the life of Raoul Wallenberg. David Herman, was a member of the Committee to investigate the Disappearing of this Diplomatic which occurred during the Second World War.

A partial biography of Raoul Wallenberg (Yad Vashem):

Wallenberg was born in 1912 to a prominent aristocratic banking family. In the early 1940’s he made several business trips to Nazi occupied countries, including Hungary. This made him become a witness to Nazi Germany’s policies.

Wallenberg arrived in the Hungarian capital on 9 July 1944 with a list of Jews whom he was to help and 650 protective passports for Jews who had some connection with Sweden. However he soon began to issue protective letters for 4500 Jews and to purchase houses which he put under the Swedish flag thus making them ex-territorial, and where he housed Jews for extra protection.

In October 1944, the situation in Budapest took a turn for the worse. Jews were being killed in the streets; others were dragged to the Danube river where they were shot or drowned in the freezing water. The number of Jews with protective papers quickly rose. Wallenberg used unconventional methods, including bribery and blackmail, in order to finance and run a huge rescue operation.with 32 buildings protected by Sweden, with 2 hospitals, and a soup kitchen.

When Adolf Eichmann ordered a "death march" of tens of thousands of persons to the Austrian border. Wallenberg and representatives of other neutral countries followed the marchers in their vehicles, and distributed food, clothing and medications. He was able to extricate many Jews from the death march by claiming that they were his "protected" Jews.

Wallenberg’s bold methods put him in great danger, but he never stopped his rescue efforts.

When the Soviets entered Budapest, Wallenberg was taken away by Russian soldiers supposedly to meet with the top Soviet general Malinovsky. This was on 17 January 1945. He must have felt danger, because as he was led to the Russian vehicle he said: “I don’t know whether I am being taken as a guest of the Soviets or as their prisoner”. Wallenberg, who was 32 years old at the time, was never seen again.

May his memory be a blessing!

David Herman: I decided not to edit any paragraph, despite difficulty in understanding the contents, in order to present the original transcript as it was from 1987.

Friends around the world:

Thank you for taking the time to read until the end.


Before the actual session began, the two anonymous exponents, A and B, told me that they had already made contact with Raoul Wallenberg a few days earlier and had learned the following: He can’t pass urine. The lower spine and feet are inflamed and so are his knuckles. His mind is clear, but he is frightened of losing his mind. The atmosphere changes affect his body. He is very depressed. The location of his prison seems to be north-west of Sverdlovsk, a very small place ringed by mountains.

A: He is sitting there. Why is he sitting there? He knows about it that many people are going free. His sixth sense is very sharp. Because of his sixth sense he is surviving despite the climate but he hasn’t got space to move anymore. And more and more he becomes depressed the more there is pressure outside. I told him already two weeks ago and last week that we are trying from outside.

The pressure he is getting now it’s not his own mind. His mind is fine. It’s we people from outside who don’t forget him and want to help him and to see that we can get him out. I would like very much that we can get him alive to Israel, but all because the people that went through his hands , that he saved, now live in Israel.

What is very interesting is that he is picking up what I’m saying now. He is picking up exactly what I am saying now. He is with us, his mind is with us but he can’t [continue] it very long, he also can’t stand it. and he has a lot of pain so I’m going to pray…

Is that the place where you’re sitting, the prison?

B: Something like West, North-West, a very small place lower than the area around it, between mountains but a low place.

A: How does it look from the inside? Are there a lot of prisons?

B: Yes, I got before long yellowish walls. I’m not sure whether there is daylight. He is very emotional. He can hardly swallow it. Tears are running down his eyes from emotion. You see, it’s the very first time we are really going to sit down and communicate. Not only giving in him..Raoul, can you hear me?

B. Look, I, now blue light and I directed it towards him.

A: Raoul, what else can you tell us about the place where you are over there? We are speaking now here from Jerusalem, really from Jerusalem..

Raoul, go on, go on. You can cry afterwards. Let them run! But it Is Jerusalem. Yes, so we’re trying to help you with all the energy of Heaven, the Holy City, from the Holy City. Please, now do try to help!

He’s trying..He’s ready, He’s here with us.

B: He is in a very bad situation because they had disconnected him form everything outside. They don’t pass him messages. He is completely disconnected . He has lost direction because there is a kind of movement he is making. He is happy that we have connected ith him, but he can’t..the Russians are conscious that people will try to reach him.

A: Raoul, how long have you been in prison, in that prison?

B: What I got…. close to 30 years.

A: In that same cell??

B: No, not quite. He has been transferred a couple of time..

A: Now, are you sitting by yourself, or is there somebody with you?

B: He is alone and he is being watched.

A: Yes, I got before, too, that he is alone.

D.H: David Herman: Can I ask some questions?

A: Yes..And if you want to ask questions. Raoul, we are ready to reply, right?

B: Wait, Raoul wants very much that we reach him. He just can’t tell us any channel. He doesn’t know where he is. He has been completely disconnected form the world, and he does say that he knows thing.

A: What was it? What was it? Try and communicate with us. In just one word or two. What was it you’ve seen that made you fall in their trap?

B: So far as I can see he was connected . He saw some wrongdoing of high officials and he was thinking of a way, I don’t want to say to “demask”, but to interfere and they just… And this again, a picture which is there.. he was taken by force and disconnected from other people, so that he cannot intervene any more, and these people were.. There is some heaviness around those who took him. I can’t demask what is in their mind. I just see that they are very stony, closed people doing something ugly..there is..

D.H: We tried our best for you, we sent petitions to all the embassies for you.

A: He knows.

DH: And about the new book..

A: His heart is hot.

B: I got now light. He is with us again. He gets oxygen.

A: We are getting you.

B: His head is clearing now.

A: Speak up, we are getting you very clear, Raoul. Try to remember, all right?

B: Look, can I make a movement? He is doing something like this He was trying to place something out. I think he was taking out some documents from hanger filers, and these were documents probably of the people he wanted to unmask, high officials who were doing wrong to others. He wanted to save somebody and the high officials caught him on this that he was taking. Perhaps he didn’t want to do it officially, but he wanted to point out, and after that I see such a strong clash. It’s the kind of people who will do anything to shut others down,

AB: Are you willing to reply to some questions, Raoul


DH: Can you tell me how he looks today? Can you describe him?

B: He is very swollen, hos whole upper body. He hardly moves his fingers. His knees are better than they were, but they are terribly sore , especially he left one.

DH: Has he got teeth still?

B: Rotten, very rotten. He has thin hair, very short cut, balding.

DH: does he look older or younger than his years?

B: Looks older at present.

A: Breathe deeply, Raoul. Can you feel the warmth coming into you now?

B: Yes, and there is warmth coming up to his chest, especially the breast. He has got a swollen breast. His eyes are painful, swollen, red. Especially the left eye is pulling, and the right arm, and the right inner arm is very painful.

A: And he has very bad blood circulation in his feet. He can’t bend the leg.

B: And he has also difficulties in bending his back, He turns a little bit to the right. He can’t sit completely straight because of the pain he has in his spine.

DH: Cam you tell me what kind of room he is in?

A: How big is the room?

B: It is not small. It is not always the same place. Sometimes it seems something like 3 to 4 meters.

A: It is like here.

DH: And he’s by himself alone?

A: Alone, and he ‘s watched.

DH: Are there guards?

A: They are aware that people are trying to contact…

DH: Does he have contact with anybody especially?

B: No, no, no, no! The guards don’t want him to pass any information or connections because they are conscious of either the possibilities..

DH: So, did he send any message to his friends?

A: No.

DH: When was the last message he sent?

A: Four or five years ago. 15 years ago he sent a few letters out.

DH: Does he have a friend in Israel called Felix, who’s helping him?

A: Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Whay, I just got smarmoret! (Ed translation:.Oy - I am shivering)

DH: Does he know that Felix just wrote a book called “Raoul Wallenberg Is Alive” to help him?

A: He knows from us now that there is contact, He feels, but he doesn’t know what he feels. He was frightened that he was going to die. He felt something, but he knows nothing.

DH: How does he keep up his morale?

A: Very bad..

DH: But he believes that he will be free?

A: That is a small hope. Maybe because from here we are busy, and that is why he is smiling. But he doesn’t know how long his body can still continue.

DH: Does he want us to continue to help him?

A: Very much, oh sure he does, oh very much, very much!

DH: Does he know that we are doing everything to help him?

A: Yes, he knows, he knows it.

DH: What is his dearest wish?

A: To get away from here and to see the sun and to come here?

DH: To get away from there and to come here?

DH: Does he want to go to Sweden?

A: No, because they forgot him. For Sweden, he’s dead.

DH: And his family.

A: He’s dead, no family any more. His family is those he saved . They want to receive him.

DH: Why does he think that the Russians are keeping him?

A: They just somehow haven’t got the heart to destroy him.

DH: Why does he think they want to keep and not let him go?

A: Because of what we mentioned.

DH: Can I ask more questions?

A: Too many questions..

B: He can’t even listen…

A: He’s got so much pain in his breast. Please ask short questions. Give us time to answer. He got really in distress and very emotional.

B: We close our eyes to focus better, We aren’t in a trance.

A: All the lumbar is without strength, his sacrum is inflamed, the chest is constricted and the neck is stiff, the left hand is in pain…half of his face is..There is no better place to come than to Jerusalem.

A: Now, Raoul, can you feel a little better? We are again with you. Look up into the light of the Lord and you’ll get strength there. Raoul Wallenberg, what is the name of his mother?

DH: Maj von Dardel.

A: Raoul Wallenberg, son of Maj von Dardel…

B: Can’t you do something about his left hand?

A: Oh, the abcess..breathe deeply. He’s too cold because of the cold.

B: You must be in a place close to a river. The whole area is not properly warm. It is wet.

A: Please Raoul, look into the light…to the right..

B: Our blue light is reaching him, can you see?

A: Yes, direct it to the hands and specially to the heart area and the ear and the neck, to the chest and the heart. It’s better. Raoul, do not get emotional please, otherwise it hurts you. We’ll contact you again. Now that we found there are some more people.. so it’s better we give you energy to get better. You’re going to get better… Don’t cry, OK? This makes you weak.

A: The hand is feeling better. I’m trying to pull the fluid down, to direct it to the urine bladder. We’re going to direct some heat. It goes down.. It’s pulling down to the sacrum. His bottom is very cold but there is no pressure on his forehead. His eyes are clear, they are not so burning. Raoul, when you get tea, keep the tea leaves and put them between your lip and your gum where the abcess is, the swelling. This will do you good. Oh sugar..Terrible! …salt… Raoul, are you ready for more questions?

DH: Tell him that we shall do all in our power to free him this year.

A: He starts to cry again

DH: Did he send any messages to his friend in Israel recently?

A: He thinks about him.

DH: And what is his friend’s name?

A: What do you get? The name of his friend.

DH: If I say the name Felix does this mean something to him?

A: Yes, that he says straight away. Straight away gave him a lot of pleasure.

B: He doesn’t think he will live so long to be free.

DH: Has he any contact with his fellow prisoners in the camp?

A: None.

DH: Is he in a prison camp?

B: But he has no contact with anybody. He can’t see outside the window. He is closed up completely because it is cold.

DH: Does he remember any of these names? Trushnovich?

B: It cause him a bad feeling in the stomach.

DH: Another name –Yanini?

A: He is cold, He is not very happy about these names.

B: No, don’t mention them. It is not good for him.

DH: They were prisoners with him on Wrangel Island.

B: He isn ‘t able to think so far. He can’t, don’t.

DH: Does the name of Wrangel island mean anything?

A: He doesn’t want to think. It doesn’t matter any more . He doesn’t even believe he will get out of prison any more still alive. He says this year is still long. He thinks he will not live to get out.

DH: Does he have any message to his friend Felix?

B: Look, to think about this he needs a lot of energy and he hasn’t got energy. All he needs is to get healthy again.

DH: Does he want to send through you any message?

A: Not at present. His heart is painful. He think that every day he is going to finish.

DH: What name did they give him there?

A: They don’t give him a name at all. They don’t talk to him. They put his food and he is like an animal. He sleeps there and he lies there or he stands there. The food is cold.

DH: When did he move from his last prison to the new one?

A: One week ago. In the prison he moves often. They change him. There is a little corner where he keeps something like.. thinks he keeps something there. Once he was writing and keeping it where he sleeps in a little bag in the mattress. He tried, but that’s why he got so depressed because they deprived him also of those little things.

A: They went him very much to die quick…

DH: Is he happy that we are trying to help him?

B: Very. That is why he is so emotional. That’s why it makes him so weak now. He wants us to stop.

DH: But our efforts to help him should go on?

A: But quick because he thinks that this year he is already in the other world. He thinks he is going to die within a month.

DH: Tell him to keep strong till his birthday in August.



Reposted from Israel Behind the News, David Bedein