El-Roi Kapach
El-Roi KapachRescuers Without Borders

Approximately a month after he was severely wounded in a shooting attack at the Tekoa Junction in Gush Etzion, in an interview with Makor Rishon, El-Roi Kapach recounted the terrifying moments and the fear that he would lose his life 18 years after his wife, Tamar, lost her father in a shooting attack in Gush Katif.

During the interview, he retold what he remembered from the minutes after the terrorist shot him from a passing vehicle, that there were two thoughts running through his head at the same time: the fact that he was wounded and needed medical aid urgently, and the fact that he is a father, with great responsibility and worry for his two daughters who were next to him and saw everything.

"I remember the automatic feeling of wanting to pull out my pistol and that the move hurt my hand so bad that I screamed. Anyway, there was no chance, he already escaped," he recalled.

"Very quickly, I understood what happened and the severity of the attack. It really hurt, and I couldn't breathe. I heard the girls screaming, and I told them, 'We're getting out of the car, come with me.'

Avigail got out of the back door, and Rachel from my door. When I got out, I fell down, and I managed to get up. I stood up, I looked over the girls, and from my first look, it looked like they were not wounded. I saw that I was bleeding from the stomach. They also saw. They began to scream: 'Dad, don't die.'"

Kapach was released from Shaare Zedek Medical Center a week after the attack in good condition and is continuing to recover at home.