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There is no need to excoriate Messrs. Lapid and Barak or their followers. They are doing very holy work . .and we should be thankful for it.

These days, the hatred towards the secular left isn’t feeling so baseless.

I saw with my own eyes a Haredi family being harassed by a secular clerk and her Arab co-worker at a nature reserve. I saw another family enter a restaurant, and instead of being seated, they were told to wait and watch everyone else enjoy their meal until the secular staff decided to seat them.

There are enough stories of religious people being denied employment, entry into public places, and their basic dignity to be overwhelmed by rage.

How do we overcome the temptation to hate these people with all our hearts?

By realizing that they are doing holy work.

They are paving the way for everything the Jewish People have dreamed of for two millennia.

The Ticket to Paradise

The Sages tell us clearly that for a Jew, suffering is a blessing. Suffering in this world increases your place in the Next World. It destroys those negative forces that cause bad things to happen, preventing tragedy. If Hashem causes you to suffer, it means He loves you. He is giving you greater merit for a future good.

The Talmud tells us there are three gifts God gives us through suffering and one of them is the Land of Israel.

Are the secular left and the anarchists merely executing God’s will that everything we pray to God for in the Amidah prayers and the Birkat HaMazon blessing we recite when eating a piece of bread come at an accelerated pace?

What do we, religious Jews, pray for?

We pray for a Torah Kingdom from the Euphrates to the Nile.

We pray for the conquest of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, and parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, all governed by a king according to Jewish Law.

To earn it, we have to endure suffering.

Thank God for Yair Lapid and Avigdor Liberman.

Do We Prefer the Alternative?

Imagine what would happen if these necessary executioners were non-Jews? Ninety years ago, in the first year of the reign of the evil one of Germany, the Nazis were our executioners. Seventy-five years ago, the Arabs were our executioners. If the Iranians were tasked with the work of the left, would any of us remain?

If we have to take some pain for the greatest good, better Yaki from Rehovot and his Israeli flag than suffering from Frantz with his nightstick or Mahmoud with his knife.

Every day that passes brings us one day closer to Redemption, and the Eternal Peace of living properly in the Land of Israel. To earn it, we have to endure suffering.

If it’s coming from our brothers, it’s a mercy from our Father.

We can thank God that our suffering comes from within and appreciate our brothers for being the harbingers of Redemption.

David Ben Horinlives in Afula with his family, millions of sunflowers, and Matilda, our local camel. David's Israeli startup, Jezreel Valley Content is a digital marketing agency for B2B startups and small businesses.