Foreign Minister Eli Cohen
Foreign Minister Eli CohenYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said on Thursday during an interview with Ynet that it is only a matter of time until Israel reaches a normalization deal with Saudi Arabia, and it is in reach.

"We are at a point in time where American, Saudi, and Israeli interests become one, and therefore the report that spoke about nine months to a year is correct, in my opinion. This is exactly the window of opportunity before the Americans are sucked into an election cycle. And therefore, I say that peace with Saudi Arabia is only a matter of time," Cohen stated.

Regarding the possibility that the Supreme Court would disqualify basic laws, he said: "The Knesset respects the court, and it doesn't get involved with basic laws.

We want to live in a strong democracy in which the Knesset legislates, and the courts follow the law. The court is not above the law, this is very important. We, in the government, intend to respect the courts' decisions."

Later in the interview, he said there is a need to continue judicial reform legislation with consensus. With this, he claimed: "If it (the legislation) would only pass with a consensus, the opposition won't agree to anything, and there would be no compromise.

We will push for a consensus, until now, we acted responsibly."