Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confident that Israel and Saudi Arabia will sign a peace agreement and that the ties between the two countries will continue to develop even without a formal agreement.

In an interview published today (Monday) with Bloomberg News, Netanyahu said that "Saudi Arabia is one of the exceptional things that tells you why I'm very optimistic about Israel."

"I think that we are about to witness a pivot of history, maybe, I can't guarantee that it will happen. First, there is an economic corridor of energy, transport, and communications that naturally goes through our geography from Asia through the Arabian Peninsula to Europe. We are going to realize that,” the prime minister said.

"My sense is we're going to realize that whether we have formal peace or not," he stated, adding that he'd tell investors in the Jewish State to "bet on it."

When asked what concessions Israel would be willing to make for such an agreement with Saudi Arabia, he said: "I'm not willing to give anything that will endanger Israel's security," adding that he considered the Palestinian issue a "checkbox" rather than a serious issue in the context of negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

“Is that what is being said in corridors, is that what is being said in discreet negotiations — the answer is a lot less than you think,” he said.

Netanyahu stated that if the Palestinians are given their own state, "it won't be their own state. It will be an Iranian-controlled state."