Jews against terrorist home demolitions
Jews against terrorist home demolitionsFlash 90

42-year-old Chen Amir, a Tel Aviv municipality security officer was shot and killed while confronting a Palestinian Arab terrorist in the center of Tel Aviv on Saturday night, heroically preventing a massacre on the busy street.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu noted, “Our security forces will settle the score with all those who seek our lives.” And only a few hours after the attack, in which Amir's partner eliminated the terrorist, the Israel Defense Forces measured the home of the terrorist who killed Amir in preparation for its demolition. Rightfully, Israel regularly demolishes the homes of Palestinian Arabs accused of carrying out deadly terror attacks as a matter of policy. During the process of mapping out the terrorists’ home, a terrorist threw an explosive device toward IDF troops.

While there’s many things these days up for debate in Israel among mainstream political parties, among them is not demolition of terrorists’ homes.

Yet, A radical human rights organization named Hamoked regularly makes a practice of petitioning Israeli courts to not destroy terrorists homes.

Israelis are murdered by terrorists, and as NGO Monitor notes, an Israeli-non profit raises money from the European Union, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, AECID (Spain), Misereor (Germany), Norwegian Refugee Council, and UNDP to protect the families that are proud of their sons'\ martyrdom. Shameful.

The extremist American Jewish non-profit organization, The New Israel Fund, which supports a boycott of Israel, authorized grants worth $523,757 to HaMoked from 2017-2021. Hamoked – while using American Jewish donor money – defends the families of terrorists.

Across the Israeli political spectrum there is support for home demolition – as former Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, whose job included approving demolitions, has stated, there is evidence of demolitions being effective at deterring violent attacks. ]

Hamoked also proudly undermines Israel’s political system by costing the state funds and its lawyers valuable time with these legal cases where they argue to protect the homes of terrorists and their families.

As NGO monitor has noted, Hamoked regularly petitions the High Court of Justice and makes inaccurate and inflammatory allegations of Israeli “apartheid,” “deportations,” “torture,” and “forcible transfers.” They “submitted a written statement to the Goldstone Commission, together with other Israeli NGOs, that failed to address any war crimes perpetrated by Hamas, “but rather offers our own distinct perspective – human rights violations for which Israel must be held accountable.”

The reality is that as Israel’s State Prosecutor concluded Hamoked’s “self-presentation as ‘a human rights organization’ has no basis in reality and is designed to mislead.”

The attack Saturday night was 1 minute from my Tel Aviv home – it's sickening to know that Hamoked – backed by the New Israel Fund and foreign governments - will run into court to protect the families of terrorists. I repeat: Shameful.

Ronn Torossianis an entrepreneur and author. Torossian is a regular contributor to multiple media outlets.