Prime Minister Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yariv Levin
Prime Minister Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yariv LevinKnesset press release

The heads of the coalition parties published an announcement this evening (Sunday) regarding the planned discussions at the Supreme Court regarding Basic Laws enacted by the Knesset as part of the judicial reform.

"The court does not have the authority to invalidate Basic Laws, and it does not have the authority to determine that the Basic Law will enter into force at a later date. Nor does any court have the authority to nullify the election results and allow the removal of a prime minister, nullifying democracy at the most basic level."

"Such a decision drops the common ground between the authorities that was agreed upon over the years and contradicts the express statement of former President Aharon Barak: 'The Knesset may determine in a Basic Law that there is no constitutional judicial review, and the court will not be able to overturn this determination. If a court rejects a law on the grounds that it is not constitutional, the Knesset can overcome this disqualification by turning the disqualified law into a Basic Law. The public in Israel is currently required to calm down, talk and agree. At a time like this, responsibility and restraint are required on the part of all authorities," the message reads.

Earlier, Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana said that the court does not have the authority to discuss Basic Laws - even though petitions have been filed against them.

"This is the exclusive authority of the Knesset, in which the elected representatives of the entire Israeli public sit, who will give an account to it and ask for its trust in elections. Therefore, in the absence of any legal authorization, and for the sake of democracy, the court must respect the Knesset's decisions," Ohana said.