Security dog neutralizes a simulated terrorist attack
Security dog neutralizes a simulated terrorist attackIDU Spokesman

On Wednesday, the Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in security dogs, held an exhibition of how working dogs can neutralize an attacker in a simulated terrorist attack.

The exhibition was held as part of a community safety event in conjunction with the IDF, Israel Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Magen David Adom, and the Samaria Regional Council to mark the 45th anniversary of the Samaria town of Kfar Tapuach.

Kfar Tapuach is located in the central Samaria region. The nearby Tapuach Junction has been the sight of multiple terrorist attacks and attempted attacks, including the murder of Yehuda Guetta. It also sits on the main road leading to the Palestinian city of Huwara, where the Yaniv brothers were murdered in a shooting attack.

Ten civilian security coordinators from towns in the Samaria and Menashe regions of Israel later met with the IDU to join the IDU's program to help thwart terrorist infiltrations into their respective towns.

The tows represented are situated near the Palestinian Authority city of Jenin, which has seen a significant amount of terrorist activity recently. Just a few weeks after the large-scale IDF operation targeting terrorist infrastructure in the city, the IDF recently returned to Jenin to address the rapidly returning terrorist actions based out of Jenin.