Gali Baharav-Miara
Gali Baharav-MiaraMiriam Alster/FLASH90

Negev and Galilee Minister Itshak Waserlauf (Otzma Yehudit) on Thursday filed a petition with the Supreme Court against Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara, Israel Hayom reported.

in a petition, he expressed his stance on the Supreme Court involving itself against the Attorney General, pursuant his previous motion to the Attorney General that they have not received an acceptable response. He also claimed there is no option for judicial intervention as a result of non-enforcement against the string of rioting which occurred in the framework of protests against the judicial reform.

In the petition, Minister Waserlauf requested of the court to issue conditional orders which will instruct Baharav-Miara to explain which she will not instruct issuance of indictments and civil suits against those who have blocked roads, and against the leadership and organizers of the blockages. Alternatively, she is requested to express why she will not give an instruction which would state that the previous instruction was fundamentally in error and that the road blocks have been carried out due to ideological motives.

Minister Waserlauf emphasized in his petition that the Attorney General is taking steps which are indisputably selective enforcement, and in her behavior is abandoning the public to violence and criminal conduct: "She is shirking he responsibility and abandoning the public to a methodology of violence and criminality."

Waserlauf responded to the reports, saying, "I will not rest and I will not be silent in face of selective enforcement which screams to the heavens, therefore I have appealed to the Supreme Court against the Attorney General, that she is not doing her job. Several times I have turned to and called to the Attorney General to 'put an end to the selective enforcement,' and warned the discriminatory conduct of the Prosecutor's Office may bring a collapse of the rule of law, and destroy the public's belief in law enforcement."

"The Prosecutor's Office, which during the Disengagement operated like a terrifying tiger, and issued hundreds of expedited indictments over roadblocks, including requests of arrest until conclusion of legal proceedings, has turned into a sleepy pussycat when we're discussing the protests against the reform, and takes no effort to make an appearance of enforcement against a handful of outlaws which are creating anger in the Israeli streets."