Part of the damage done to the synagogue
Part of the damage done to the synagogueCourtesy

A synagogue of the Georgian community in the 5th district of Ashdod was vandalized. The worshipers who arrived at the synagogue found Torah scrolls that had been defaced and extensive property damage to the synagogue and the furniture within.

This is the second serious incident of vandalism in the same area, after a special education kindergarten was vandalized over the weekend. The worshipers who came to the place cried tears.

"Who would have believed that the synagogue would look like this," they said, wondering if this was the result of the incitement that has recently been voiced against the Torah-observant community.

Police who were called started an investigation.

The Ashdod police said: "A short time ago, the Israel Police began investigating a suspected break-in to a synagogue on Shabazi Street in Ashdod, where damage was caused to Torah scrolls, and from which a sum of money was allegedly stolen."

"The police and police investigators are collecting evidence and findings in order to trace the suspect's identity and bring about his arrest."