A red heifer brought to israel last month
A red heifer brought to israel last monthBinyamin Regional Council Spokesperson

A Channel 12 exposé which claims that government ministries funded a project that aims to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount and to bring a red heifer, is making waves among Palestinian Arabs.

In an interview for the Hamas television channel "al-Aqsa," Dr. Ahmad Shihab said that bringing red heifers to Jerusalem shows that "the fascist Israeli government encourages the settlers to continue harming al-Aqsa mosque."

According to him, "The Israeli government has a plan to cause a religious war in the region, and the settlers state religious claims regarding the Jews' right to al-Aqsa mosque.

The harm to the holiness of the al-Aqsa mosque last Thursday (the Jewish visits to the Temple Mount on Tisha B'av) show that the settlers are working to Judaize the mosque," he concluded.