Happy Tu B'av to you all, I had an amazing interview with Cindy Seni from the Netflix show "Jewish Matchmaking." She was incredibly open about her experience and shared her expectations from the show. It was surreal for her when she got picked, and suddenly she gained fame worldwide. Despite the attention, Cindy remains down-to-earth, and life goes on as normal for her, although people now ask for selfies.

We delved into the challenges of dating in this generation, where social media has made everything so easy, and expectations have shifted. Finding a partner has become like ordering something online, where it must tick all the boxes, or there's another option waiting.

Cindy shared that she's now engaged, not because of the show, but because Alisa, the matchmaker from Netflix's series, was there to help her when needed. One line she said really resonated with me: "Butterflies are for Hollywood. Too much adrenaline and emotions can mix you up. When you look for someone to be your partner in life, you need tranquility of the heart and know that you can sit together in silence and be okay and easy with it. That's love." Today, on Tu B'av, it's a perfect time to celebrate love and appreciate the genuine connections in life.