Moshe Turgeman, owner of a barber shop in Maale Adumim who was wounded in the arm in the shooting attack Tuesday, recounted the moment of the attack.

"A good client of mine, a Border Police officer, had just arrived when we heard gunfire and saw people running outside. We looked to the left and didn't see anyone," he said.

"We started running like mad. I passed in front of the terrorist, he was wearing a reflective vest. We didn't attach any importance to him. We passed him and people shouted to us it was him. We ran back to him, and he managed to hit me in the hand and another guy in the leg. The officer killed him. We survived by a miracle."

He said that his wife works at the hospital where he is hospitalized, but she heard about the attack from their children's nanny: "The nanny called me, I answered and told her that I was injured. She asked if she should tell my wife who was with her. I said yes and that everything was fine. She came to visit."

Six people were injured in a shooting attack in the Yahalom Square next in Maale Adumim - two of them seriously, three moderately and one lightly. Among the wounded was a 14-year-old boy. They were taken to Shaare Zedek and Hadassah Mount Scopus hospitals.

The terrorist, a Palestinian who worked as a cleaner at the community center in the city and held a work permit for entering Israel, opened fire on passers-by. He was neutralized by a Police officer who was on vacation. A large quantity of extra ammunition found in the terrorist's bag.

According to Palestinian reports, the terrorist who carried out the attack was Mahand al-Mazareh, 20 years old from Kfar Azaria.