Mika Almog, granddaughter for former Israeli President Shimon Peres, explained in a video clip why US President Joe Biden should not invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House for an official visit.

In a video titled, "The Bibi Sting," Almog details the "top 10 reasons for NOT meeting Benjamin Netanyahu."

"The only thing Netanyahu wants out of an invitation to the White House is a picture of himself with President Biden, dated 2023," she claimed.

"Once he has that photo op, no matter what happens in the meeting, he'll flaunt the photo to the world, and say, 'See? No problem whatsoever with the US. Just two vibrantly democratic best friends forever.' With no restraining factors, Netanyahu will continue to charge ahead with his judicial coup, which he launched with the elimination of the reasonableness doctrine.

Thomas Friedman, an analyst affiliated with the US Democratic Party, tweeted the video under the title, "The Bibi Sting."