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Middle East expert Dr. Dror Manor spoke with Israel National News about Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's threats, which he sees as part of his years-long campaign against Israel.

According to him, while Israel should keep its finger on the trigger, we should not be moved too much by Nasrallah's bluster. "We can't discount it, but Nasrallah is mostly making a show and, therefore, take his words with a grain of salt. He knows the ground beneath his feet is burning, he's hiding in bunkers and unground tunnels, and very well knows that Hezbollah will be harshly punished if he dares to start a war with Israel."

Dr. Manor adds that Lebanon's domestic issues in the economic and social realms are causing a crisis in the funding that keeps the organization's gears oiled, "so it has enough troubles, and it doesn't need a war to add to its headache.

Netanyahu knows he needs to take things seriously, although behind everything hides propaganda; therefore, the defense establishment is on standby as needed. The military and security forces know the right thing to do," Manor stated and mentioned the provocations in Ghajar and the Hezbollah tent, which is still in Israeli territory, signs that the situation is sensitive. However, it doesn't justify Israeli panic.

"Nasrallah has a certain ability regarding manpower and missiles both above and underground and other elements, he still knows that he needs to fear the IDF and its many abilities. Despite all of Nasrallah's exercises and remarks as if he's the one who won the last war, he knows that his words are empty, and he is deterred by Israel's might."