A group of several dozen protestors stood outside CNN studios in Jerusalem yesterday, demanding a halt to what it called the network\'s \"systematic and deliberate failure to provide a fair and factual presentation of news stories\" about the Middle East. \"CNN distorts the events, and/or presents half-truths,\" the group accused, \"and encourages PA terrorists by affording them a sympathetic media outlet.\" The group met with Jerusalem Bureau Chief Mike Hanna and handed him a list of their grievances. Excerpts of the list of accusations follow:

* Failure to verify the accuracy of statements and accusations made by the PA

* Creating false moral equivalents, such as equating unprovoked attacks by PA gunmen on Israeli civilians with IDF responses, and counting casualties and deaths without distinguishing between perpetrator and victim. For example, Palestinian suicide bombers, gunmen and terrorists are included in figures for Palestinian dead.

* Failure to provide balanced perspective. When a Palestinian is interviewed, either no Israeli is invited to respond, or a left-wing Israeli who supports PA demands.

* Use of distorting language. Palestinian stone and bomb throwers are called “activists;” PA snipers and terrorists are identified simply as “Palestinians;” Jews who are injured or killed in Judea and Samaria are called “settlers.”

* Failure to report on mobile Palestinian killing squads that haunt Israeli roads, or on PA violations of signed agreements, including anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli incitement in media and schools.

The protestors asked that a committee be formed to hear complaints on a regular basis, and that CNN immediately fire any journalist who has deliberately falsified information. Among the other demands are that PA propaganda films not be used indiscriminately. The group can be emailed at .

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