Protest in front of Har Hamor yeshiva
Protest in front of Har Hamor yeshivaCourtesy

During a leftist demonstration this morning (Sunday) in front of the 'Har Hamor' yeshiva in Jerusalem, one of the demonstrators was burned due to the use of a flare.

The medic who was called to the scene and was recorded live on Facebook is none other than a student of the Har Hamor yeshiva, the yeshiva the demonstrators were protesting in front of. The medic treated her and even brought an anti-burn agent to help her.

In the meantime, it was also reported to Israel National News that following the demonstration, there was a large increase in registrations for the 'Eternal Life' conference hosted by the yeshiva when educators from all over the country heard about the conference and tried to attend, even though it had already started.

Since last night, when the announcements about the expected demonstration began, the organizers received calls asking to register. And now, after the demonstration in front of the yeshiva, the number of participants is only increasing. Only about an hour after the start of the conference and about 1500 had already arrived.