Rabbi Hagai Lundin
Rabbi Hagai LundinCourtesy

This week, the Knesset will pass legislation on the reasonableness bill; groups of angry people will block roads, announce that they are in conflict with the State, refuse to serve in the reserves and prepare to leave for France;

As we get closer to Tisha B'Av, more and more people will experience the new "Jeremiah Syndrome" (the moment when a person feels that he is Jeremiah the prophet and prophesies about the destruction of the Third Temple).

The good news is that at the end of this week, the State of Israel will remain standing, and that essential things– in the economy, security and society – will not change.

What will change is that the same group of people – not angry – will listen to less news this week, and more will continue to create, love, promote and pray for the building of the Temple.

From the perspective of years, it will become clear that reality has advanced a lot during these weeks, precisely because of those who kept their inner world calm during the noise: "One is busy with their mourning and fasting, and the other is busy with their mourning and fasting – and God is busy creating the light of the Messiah".

So here comes the weekend and the State of Israel is still standing (by the way, hundreds of people joined my WhatsApp groups this week. I am considering starting a career as a prophet...).

I suggest that we all learn a lesson from this week – always take threats in proportion. Train the muscles of optimism and faith. I wholeheartedly recommend you switch to hearing the news just once a day; stay away from platforms that spread pessimism and hysteria; do things in your surroundings that add good; and most importantly – learn texts of Jewish belief, that is where happiness is found.

Friends, it will be good. We will get through this too, with the help of God.