Swastikas were spray-painted on the wall of the central Jerusalem branch of the Bnei Akiva youth group, in the latest incident in a series of acts of vandalism and hate towards members of the branch.

The graffiti showed the letters "taf" and "ayin," which are used in Bnei Akiva's logo, in an "equation" which ended in a swastika.

In response, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Hagit Moshe penned an urgent letter to Jerusalem District Police Commander Doron Turgeman, urging him to hurry the investigation of the incidents.

"The public tension, the incitement, and the divisions have crossed all boundaries," she said. "While the members of Bnei Akiva in the city embark on activities to increase unity in the nation, rioters come to the branch's building and try to place the members in a darker light."

"I have turned to the Jerusalem Police Commander demanding that he speed up the investigation of the incident. We must stop this dangerous deterioration immediately, before the horrific incitement brings harm to human lives."